<b>Hale Cook Elementary</b> - Active local parents worked with the Kansas City Public Schools to reopen this neighborhood school in 2013.

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Ask those in our neighborhood where they live and you'll get a few different answers.

Waldo, Brookside, Brookdo. But the proper name is Ward Parkway Homes Association. Situated in Kansas City, Mo., between Gregory Boulevard (north), Wornall Road (east), 75th Street (south), and State Line Road (west), the Ward Parkway neighborhood is a collection of homes dating as far back as the late 1800s. You'll find Four Squares, Dutch Colonials, Dible Tudors, Arts and Crafts Bungalows and Shirtwaists — each as unique and charming as the tree-lined streets on which they stand.


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    Have You Seen the New Signs around WPHA?

    The Ward Parkway Homes Association Board of Directors worked with Kansas City to do an inventory of then-current Neighborhood Watch signs, identify those signs that needed to be removed, determine new locations for more effective placement, and mount new signs.

    Keep an eye out for the new signs, located throughout the WPHA area. Along with the KCPD Security Patrol your membership provides, these signs will help ensure our neighborhood continues to be among the safest in Kansas City.

    Read more about WPHA in our January Newsletter: mailchi.mp/83847563e07f/wpha-jan-2020