KCPD Security Patrol

police car sirenThe Ward Parkway Homes Association takes safety seriously. We invest in a security patrol service through the Kansas City Police Department, which helps ensure that our neighborhood has one of the lowest crime rates in the metro. The patrol service is primarily responsible for deterring and responding to property crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery and vandalism.

We partner with the adjacent Greenway Fields, Stratford Gardens and Romanelli West homes associations to provide patrol by off-duty KCPD officers (in KCPD vehicles) between the four neighborhoods. The four-hour patrol shifts are scheduled at various times of day and days of the week.

This valuable service is paid for by WPHA members who elect to support it for $60 per year (in addition to the regular membership dues). It benefits the entire neighborhood, and we encourage all members to help pitch in.

Paying for the neighborhood security patrol offers an extra benefit. It provides a free vacation house watch service when you go out of town. Request vacation house watch service

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