Request Vacation House Watch

Going on vacation or a business trip for a few days or weeks? WPHA members who have paid for the KCPD security patrol service can enjoy added peace of mind while out of town. The patrol service will check on your home and notify you if they observe any suspicious activity. Please complete the form below.

DISCLAIMER: The security patrol makes no guarantees about the reduction of crime or the prevention of crimes against members or their properties.

Tips to help keep your home safe while away:

  • Check to make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked.
  • If you have a home alarm, activate it before leaving town.
  • Suspend mail and newspaper delivery while you are gone.
  • Create the illusion that you’re home by using timers that will turn lights on and off inside or outside.
  • Ask a neighbor to watch your house for suspicious activity.

Vacation house watch request

Please request vacation house watch service at least 72 hours before a trip.