Holiday Homes Decorating Contest winners and honorable mentions!

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Through the end of the year, Kansas City should experience unusually warm weather. Take a walk, a drive, or even a bike ride through our neighborhood (after dark, make sure you wear reflective clothing or gear!) and explore the beautifully decorated homes, including the following winners and honorable mentions.

Individual home winners:
1216 W 71st Terrace
7232 Ward Parkway
7116 Jefferson

Best block winners:
W 72nd Terrace
(from Terrace St to State Line Rd)

Individual home honorable mentions:
7201 Belleview
7224 Belleview
7201 Jarboe
7210 Jarboe
7418 Jarboe
7414 Jarboe
7240 Madison
7300 Mercier
7319 Mercier
1243 71st Terrace
7204 Summit
7426 Summit
7241 Ward Parkway
7237 Ward Parkway
801 W Gregory
1267 W Gregory
1269 W Gregory
7410 Wyoming
7411 Wyoming
7420 Wyoming
1000 W 72nd
715 W 74th

Individual blocks honorable mentions:
1000 block of 71st Terrace
7400 block Wyoming
7300 block Jarboe

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. Thank you–and every home that decorates–for making our neighborhood a magical place to be.

2022 Membership Drive Underway

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Ward Parkway Homes Association’s 2022 Membership Drive has officially launched.  There are three levels of membership: Gold ($60), Platinum ($135), and the new Diamond ($150), and each level has its own set of benefits which can be found here. For Platinum or Diamond Memberships, WPHA offers a convenient payment plan!  Learn more about WPHA memberships, including KCPD Security Patrol, on this page.

A Farewell from Current President

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On September 30, I will finish my third and final term as the President of Ward Parkway Homes Association. Having been on the board for four years, I have had the opportunity to see the Association grow in many ways that may not be apparent to all of our members:

  • Our board is stronger due to structural changes such as adding a Finance Committee and streamlining our budget process.
  • We now have a dedicated board member who is our liaison with the city for issues that affect our association.
  • We have committed residents in place to mobilize our volunteers for events, to provide oversight and care of our islands and to organize the data to welcome new residents.
  • We have committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion through our mission, vision, and core values.

All of these actions had one goal in mind, to provide a stronger and more successful organization for the residents of Ward Parkway Homes.

In the past two years, because of the dedication of board members and residents, the Association has continued to function and provide a variety of events despite the prevalence of a deadly pandemic and a challenging financial atmosphere. We did not stop. Our goal was to provide community, and we did that. I am very proud of our efforts and I am very honored to have met many of our residents that participated in those events. Thank you!

There is one goal I must leave behind for all of us to work towards. Ward Parkway Homes Association has gifted board members and gifted residents. We live in a vibrant area and there are so many amazing people who live here. It is my hope that we continue to grow in membership, coming together to build a stronger, more inclusive community that deepens the connections of neighbors and makes our association a model for others to follow.

In gratitude,
Nancy Bader

Brand New for 2022!

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The WPHA has spent the past 15 months thinking about the many ways we can enhance  our community, and we’re ready to preview them for you now. These exciting changes will officially launch with the 2021-2022 Membership Year, which begins on October 1.


Two Headlining Events with extra special and extra fun attractions and activities:
WPHA Spring Festival and WPHA Summer Picnic.


WPHA Spring Festival includes all the activities that were previously part of the Easter Celebration, plus the following:

  • expanded event hours!
  • a craft station for the kids!
  • a small animal petting zoo!
  • a “train” for the little ones to ride!
  • an area for Grown Ups to meet and visit with other neighbors separate from all the family-friendly activities!
  • Yard games in the Grown Ups area!
  • a local vendor food truck!
  • Harvesters food collection barrels!
  • The Taste of Ward Parkway Homes, a neighborhood-centric cooking contest!
  • WPHA branded merchandise store!


WPHA Summer Picnic includes all the activities that were previously part of the 4th of July Picnic, plus the following:

  • expanded event hours!
  • Kona Hawaiian Ice Truck!
  • pony rides!
  • a “train” for the little ones to ride!
  • family carnival games!
  • an area for Grown Ups to meet and visit with other neighbors separate from all the family-friendly activities!
  • Yard games in the Grown Ups area!
  • a local vendor food truck!
  • Harvesters food collection barrels!
  • LIVE acoustic music!
  • WPHA Artisans stores!
  • WPHA branded merchandise ‘store’!


WPHA Diamond Membership
The new Diamond Membership is perfect for households who want to support KCPD Security Patrol to keep our neighborhood safe and also want the added value of special benefits and discounts that extend into the new WPHA Spring Festival and Summer Picnic. Watch your 2022 Membership Mailing (coming in September) for more information.


Sneak Peak

Next month, WPHA will unveil a logo refresh that better reflects our neighborhood. We’ll also unveil our new Mission Statement and a declaration of our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Support Black Restaurant Week thru Aug 1

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One simple way to support the Black community is to frequent Black-owned establishments, many of which have struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic. Midwest Black Restaurant Week, running through Aug. 1, helps promote these restaurants so they can recover.

Black Restaurant Weeks have been staged around the U.S. since 2016. This year, the second for the Midwest Region, brings expanded participation from restaurants to food trucks, sweets, fun activities, gift cards, cash prizes, and more.

To find local restaurants to support, click here.


WPHA 2021 Easter Egg Quest

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Since we cannot, yet, safely host a full Easter Egg Hunt, we will again sponsor an Easter Egg Quest.

Here’s how the WPHA 2021 Easter Egg Quest works.

1)  Follow the link at the bottom to download coloring pages.
2)  Print and color as many of the pages as you would like.

  • Don’t have a home printer? No problem! Email the WPHA, and we will drop a packet in your mail box.)

3)  Tape the colored pages to your windows or doors that face your front yard before Saturday, March 27, 2021.
4)  Between March 27th and April 4th, walk the neighborhood. As you do, find as many colored pages as you can find, and keep count.
5) By NOON, on Monday, April 5, submit an email using this link.
6)  On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the WPHA will randomly draw 4 names from the submissions sent in.  Each of the 4 names drawn will win a goody-filled basket!
7)  Prizes will be distributed by April 11, 2021.

There is no age limit. Everyone can participate.

A big thank you to WPHA volunteer and member, Amanda Rhodes, for coordinating this year’s Quest.



Holiday Homes Decorating Contest 2020 Winners and Honorable Mentions!

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Tour our beautiful neighborhood to see the winners and honorable mentions of the WPHA’s 2020 Holiday Homes Decorating Contest.

Individual home winners:
7419 Ward Parkway
7300 Mercier St
7311 Wyoming

Best block winners (tie):
7200s Jarboe
7400s Summit

Individual home honorable mentions:
7240 Madison
7210 Jarboe
7125 Washington
715 W 74 St
7324 Belleview
7310 Terrace
7324 Terrace
7229 Belleview
7232 Ward Parkway
7221 Washington
7115 Jefferson
1000 W 72nd St

Individual blocks honorable mentions:
74th St between Pennsylvania & Washington
7200s Ward Parkway
7200s Belleview

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. Thank you for making our neighborhood a winter wonderland.

A Letter from the WPHA Board President

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Dear WPHA Residents,

I had hoped this letter would be a celebratory one, recounting the wonderful connections we had made at the Longtime Resident Appreciation, the success of the Members Only Dumpster Day and Harvesters Food Drive, the fun conversations at Thirsty Thursday, and the exciting plans for June’s Hawaiian Ice Truck, another Members Only event.

Sadly, Covid-19 altered WPHA’s spring and summer plans, canceling some events and postponing others. This pandemic has affected our lives—both individually and collectively—in unprecedented ways, and individually and collectively, we are trying to find ways to cope with the myriad changes it has wrought.

As of this writing, we are optimistic that the 4th of July Picnic will happen, albeit with new rules to help assuage the potential spread of Coronavirus. I am personally hopeful that we can find a way to hold the annual Mums Sale and Neighborhood Night Out.

Please know that WPHA will alert you as we become aware of new information that effects our events. And, we will continue seeking ways to safely come together to build the bonds of community.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.


Nancy Bader
President, WPHA Board of Directors

Garage Sale Weekend Canceled

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Pursuant to recent ’10/10/10 Rules’ for Kansas City which allows a ‘soft opening’ and the end of the Recovery Plan’s Phase One on May 15, the WPHA Board of Directors has determined that it is in the better interest of our community to cancel the Garage Sale Weekend originally scheduled for May 15 and May 16.  If this event is rescheduled, we will alert you with more information.

Click the link for more information on KCMO Reopens.

WPHA 2020 Easter Egg Quest Winners

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More than 100 WPHA homes participated in the Easter Egg Quest.  Thank you to everyone who colored and posted pages for our eager Questers to seek and find! From our Quest submissions, here are lucky winners:

  • Himes Family – Terrace St.
  • Dobson Family – Madison Ave.
  • Seaton Family – Belleview Ave.
  • Vigil Family – 71st Terrace
  • Graham Family – Summit St.

Each winning home receives a $25 gift card to Brookside Toy & Science.