KCMO removing ash trees in our neighborhood

Contracted crews working for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, are currently removing certain ash trees in the WPHA neighborhood that are in bad shape. The KCMO contractor is supposed to try and make personal contact with residents before removing ash trees in the public right of way. If unavailable, the contractor will leave a door hanger to provide information about the tree removal. (The city will direct the contractor to be more diligent about providing advance notice, as this isn’t always happening as intended.)

You may recall that the emerald ash borer — a beetle that is deadly to all types of ash trees — is spreading across the Midwest and is expected to kill a majority of the region’s ash trees over the next 10 years. Emerald ash borers kill a tree by tunneling under the bark and disrupting the tree’s vascular system, which starves it of nutrients and water. Ash trees across the metro are at risk.

The health of ash trees in our area was assessed by an arborist this past summer, and each tree was given a condition rating. Ash trees in the worst shape are not candidates for any kind of treatment to save them. They are being removed first from the public right of way in front of homes. The project will extend into the spring of 2017. The city will continue to treat trees that are in good condition.

Note that there are many ash trees along Belleview Avenue and Jarboe Street.

The city intends to replace all ash trees removed from the public right of way within one year of removal.

Have questions? Please contact the KCMO 311 Action Center by dialing 311 or 816-513-1313.

Emerald Ash Borer Information