Won’t you meet our neighbor: Nancy Bader

Won’t you meet our neighbor: Nancy Bader

Meet Nancy Bader, the current Ward Parkway Homes Association president, who has lived on Pennsylvania Avenue since June 2016.

Why did you choose to live in this neighborhood? We lived in Rockhill Gardens in the early ’90s. Then we moved to Johnson County for almost 20 years because of my job. We missed the city. We needed to come back. We wanted a walkable neighborhood. Someplace we could walk to shops, restaurants and other services. Moving to this neighborhood gave us all that, but it also allowed us to be close to friends and to be near areas of the city we enjoy the most. What we didn’t expect was the amazing sense of community this neighborhood provides. That has been the best benefit of living here!

Do any family members or pets live with you? My wife, Linetta, and two crazy dogs, Corbin and Daisy. In the picture, Daisy is closest to me.

Occupation (past or present)? I currently work with older adults. I teach strength, balance and flexibility classes, but I am most known for being a retired air traffic controller. Despite the frenetic nature of that job, I’m actually a very calm person.

How do you like to spend your free time? I love to exercise. We have a great Y on Troost, not too far from here, where I spend a fair amount of free time. This summer I will take advantage of the trolley trail.

What is at the top of your bucket list? I’m one of “those” people. I don’t have one.

What is something most people don’t know about you? I really enjoy socializing with a variety of people but, believe it or not, I hate to talk on the phone.

What’s the most interesting feature of, or story about, your house? Everyone who visits says the house has “good energy.” We felt the same thing the first time we entered the house. It is interesting how many people have said the same thing.

What is your favorite event or memory of the neighborhood? The first event we attended was the 4th of July picnic. We met new neighbors, learned about our area and were immediately welcomed. We knew then we made a good decision to live here. That friendliness also extends to everyday life. When people are out walking, they stop, talk and enjoy each other. I love that!

What is your favorite area business/restaurant/meal/drink/service? Because they are so close, we visit the District often, but there are so many neat businesses in the area we visit. It is hard to narrow down a favorite.

What Waldo hidden gem would you recommend to neighbors and why? I’m still exploring after more than two years. I don’t have one, yet.

Is there anything you would change about the neighborhood? Yes, I want more of our residents to be members of the Ward Parkway Homes Association. There are so many fun and interesting people in our community. With more members, we could provide additional social events and neighborhood services that would bring us together to make a stronger community. And building a stronger, more connected community makes our neighborhood safer and more enjoyable. I would love to see this neighborhood get even better than it already is!

Nancy Bader on beach with two dogs

Nancy Bader with Corbin and Daisy