Holiday Homes Decorating Contest winners and honorable mentions!

Holiday Homes Decorating Contest winners and honorable mentions!

Through the end of the year, Kansas City should experience unusually warm weather. Take a walk, a drive, or even a bike ride through our neighborhood (after dark, make sure you wear reflective clothing or gear!) and explore the beautifully decorated homes, including the following winners and honorable mentions.

Individual home winners:
1216 W 71st Terrace
7232 Ward Parkway
7116 Jefferson

Best block winners:
W 72nd Terrace
(from Terrace St to State Line Rd)

Individual home honorable mentions:
7201 Belleview
7224 Belleview
7201 Jarboe
7210 Jarboe
7418 Jarboe
7414 Jarboe
7240 Madison
7300 Mercier
7319 Mercier
1243 71st Terrace
7204 Summit
7426 Summit
7241 Ward Parkway
7237 Ward Parkway
801 W Gregory
1267 W Gregory
1269 W Gregory
7410 Wyoming
7411 Wyoming
7420 Wyoming
1000 W 72nd
715 W 74th

Individual blocks honorable mentions:
1000 block of 71st Terrace
7400 block Wyoming
7300 block Jarboe

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. Thank you–and every home that decorates–for making our neighborhood a magical place to be.