How to customize your Nextdoor notification settings

Do you use the Nextdoor social media app for neighborhoods? If so, we’ve got some pro tips for you.

The default setting in Nextdoor is to show you updates from our neighborhood (Ward Parkway Homes Association, or “Ward Park”) plus 28 other surrounding neighborhoods based on a distance-based algorithm. That’s potentially a lot of neighborhoods you might not want to hear from every day.

Good news! You can pick and choose the surrounding neighborhoods you see updates from, as well as customize the type and frequency of email notifications you get. Here’s how.

About nearby neighborhoods

How to stop neighborhood notifications

How to change your email settings

screenshot of Nextdoor neighborhoods map and toggle settings

Find our neighborhood on Nextdoor

The Ward Parkway Homes Association recently discontinued using eNeighbors (paid service) and focus on using Nextdoor (free service!) instead as a private social network for our neighborhood. In addition to saving the homes association nearly $1,000 per year, Nextdoor gets far more activity than eNeighbors has. If you like that type of community forum in addition to Facebook, encourage your neighbors to sign up!

For those who aren’t already familiar with Nextdoor, here is a quick overview. After creating an account and verifying your address, you can post events, lost and found items, classifieds, request or share recommendations, and much more. Under account settings, you can customize how often you receive notifications and on what topics. There’s also a handy Nextdoor app for your smartphone.

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