Volunteer for upcoming events and activities

Volunteer for upcoming events and activities

The WPHA seeks volunteers to help with upcoming events and committee activities. Can you offer some of your time or talent? (This is a great opportunity for high-school-aged neighbors to earn community service hours.)

Harvesters Food Drive

Volunteers needed to help assemble and deliver donation bags with instructions to each house in the neighborhood during the weekend of June 1. Volunteers also needed to collect and sort food donations and deliver them to Harvesters on Saturday, June 8.

4th of July Picnic

This lunchtime event takes place on Thursday, July 4. We need 10 volunteers. No prior volunteer experience is needed. Volunteers should be able to lift 10 pounds, stand for 60-minute intervals, and present a positive energy. Volunteers will be asked to come to the event 1 hour before it starts, work periodically during the picnic, and stay about 1 hour after it ends. Volunteers will be able to eat during the picnic. High school students are encouraged to volunteer.

Membership Committee

Volunteers needed for WPHA’s Spring Membership Drive, Thirsty Thursdays, and Fall Neighborhood Night Out. No prior volunteer experience is needed. Volunteers should be able to walk the neighborhood for 30–60-minute intervals, stand for 60 minute intervals, and present a positive energy. High school students are encouraged to volunteer for Membership Drive. Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older for Thirsty Thursday and Neighborhood Night Out.

Security Committee

Volunteers needed to join the committee as regular members. No prior volunteer experience is needed. Committee volunteers may be asked to communicate with local law enforcement agencies and/or local city officials and represent the WPHA at other crime/safety groups. Committee volunteers may be asked to summarize reports and work with basic computer programs.

Contact the WPHA to raise your hand. We’ll reply to your email within 72 business hours. Please identify the opportunity for which you would like to volunteer.

A gorgeous neighborhood starts with you

Not surprisingly, a recent WPHA survey found that residents appreciate the beauty of our neighborhood and have a deep interest in keeping it looking good. Although the WPHA contributes to this effort by maintaining two public green spaces, much of the responsibility for beautification lies with individual homeowners, according to the Kansas City Code of Ordinances. Several excerpts from the code are summarized below:

Street gutters

Property owners and occupants have a duty to keep the sidewalk, curbing and guttering that adjoins their property in good order. This includes clearing away all earth or litter and removing obstructions that are dangerous, inconvenient or “annoying.” Residents are prohibited from sweeping litter from sidewalks into the gutters and streets.

Location of refuse containers

In between the city’s weekly waste collections, refuse containers must be stored in the rear yard or a side yard. (Residents on corner lots may not store their trash containers on either of the street sides.)

If appropriate storage imposes an undue hardship because of an occupant’s advanced age or physical limitations, storage of refuse containers may be permitted elsewhere on the property. However, the trash containers must be screened from the view of other residential properties by a solid wall or tight fence.

Bulky items at curbside

Residents who have scheduled supplemental waste collection pickups may not place their items at the curb earlier than 3 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection date. Items for disposal are permitted to remain at the curb no more than 24 hours.

Recreational vehicles

In Kansas City’s residentially zoned districts, there are two options for parking and storing recreational vehicles, boats, trailers and camper shells:

  • Enclosed within a garage or accessory structure.
  • On the paved driveway or a paved parking space so that the RV or boat is at least 11 feet from the near edge of the curb and, when a sidewalk is present, at least 2 feet from the rear edge of the sidewalk surface.


  • Schedule a bulky item pickup. Fee-based (816-380-5595) and no charge (816-513-1313). options are available. Learn more
  • Dispose of yard waste. The city schedules free curbside pickup of yard waste in the spring and fall. Residents may also drop off yard waste for free at one of three spots across the city. Learn more
  • Report a code violation. Dial 311 or 816-513-1313, or submit a form online.

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EXTENDED: Take advantage of mid-year membership drive discount

Great news, neighbors! The WPHA Membership Committee is conducting its first ever mid-year membership drive during May through June. For a limited time, we have discounted the price of a homes association membership plus security patrol dues from $110 to just $75 — a savings of 32%.

Our KCPD security patrol service is the single biggest line item in the WPHA budget. We partner with nearby homes associations to pay for patrol by off-duty KCPD police officers. They help deter and respond to property crimes such as theft, burglary, robbery and vandalism. It makes the entire neighborhood safer and, for participating members, it provides security checkups on your home while you are out of town.

We want to maintain our valuable security patrol service at its current level. To do that, we need your help! We need you to become a member and support the security patrol.

You’ve been thinking about joining the WPHA. Now is the time! Take advantage of the significant mid-year membership drive discount so our entire neighborhood can continue to enjoy the benefits of the added security that regular police patrols provides our neighborhood.

To access the special discount, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Become a Member or Renew your Membership page.
  • Scroll down to the Pay Online section of the page.
  • Select the “PRORATED: Annual Membership Dues + Security Patrol Service” option in the Membership Options drop-down menu.
  • Click “Pay Now” and enter your payment information.

If you prefer to pay by check, send payment to:

Ward Parkway Homes Association
P.O. Box 140083, Kansas City, MO 64114

Security patrol has made our neighborhood safer. Its regular presence helps keep crime rates low and drives would-be criminals out of our area. And remember, security patrol supporters enjoy the added benefit of having officers monitor your home when you are away. This extra peace of mind is a major benefit only available to our neighborhood when we participate in the security patrol service through the KCPD.

The mid-year membership drive will end June 30, 2019.  Join or renew today to take advantage of discounted pricing!

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Won’t you meet our neighbor: Mike Allmon

Meet Mike Allmon, the current Ward Parkway Homes Association secretary, who has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years. He started in landscaping when he was 14 years old as an assistant with his father’s tree care business. Today, he makes sure the public green spaces in the WPHA are well maintained. Thanks, Mike!

What street do you live on? 
Belleview Ave.

Why did you choose to live in this neighborhood?
 Grew up close, great neighbors and history.

Do any family members or pets live with you?
 Wife Debby, kids Mary and Robert, and dog Max.

Occupation (past or present)? 
I own Complete Turf and Landscape, full service landscaping company serving residential and commercial properties in the Kansas City area.

How do you like to spend your free time?
 Getting outside, playing music and traveling.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
 Traveling to Europe.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
 I grew up at 76th and Ward Parkway.

What’s the most interesting feature of, or story about, your house? 
It was built in 1934. The owner lived in the three-car garage (complete with a fireplace) while the main house was being built.

What is your favorite event or memory of the neighborhood?
 Playing in the abandoned train cars from the old Victoria’s Station restaurant where Burger King is now, at Gregory and Wornall.

What is your favorite area business/restaurant/meal/drink/service? 
Waldo Pizza.

What Waldo hidden gem would you recommend to neighbors and why?
 Waldo Grain, cool old building.

Is there anything you would change about the neighborhood?
 More bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

Mike Allmon and family

Mike Allmon and family members