Voicing concerns about property tax assessments

Many Jackson County residents are facing dramatic increases in property tax assessments this year, including in the Ward Parkway Homes Association. Thousands of people have filed formal appeals of their assessments, and thousands more requested informal reviews.

On behalf of our residents, the Ward Parkway Homes Association sent a letter to the following local leaders on Aug. 8, 2019, expressing serious concerns about the property reassessment process.

  • Mayor Quinton Lucas (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • Frank White Jr – County Executive (Jackson County)
  • Tony Miller – Third District At-Large (Jackson County Legislator)
  • Gail McCann Beatty – Director of Assessment (Jackson County Assessment Department)
  • Christopher Smith – Chairman, Board of Equalization
  • Marilyn Shapiro – Vice Chair, Board of EqualizationF
  • Forestine Beasley – Member, Board of Equalization

The WPHA will share with our residents any feedback we receive.