A Farewell from Current President

A Farewell from Current President

On September 30, I will finish my third and final term as the President of Ward Parkway Homes Association. Having been on the board for four years, I have had the opportunity to see the Association grow in many ways that may not be apparent to all of our members:

  • Our board is stronger due to structural changes such as adding a Finance Committee and streamlining our budget process.
  • We now have a dedicated board member who is our liaison with the city for issues that affect our association.
  • We have committed residents in place to mobilize our volunteers for events, to provide oversight and care of our islands and to organize the data to welcome new residents.
  • We have committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion through our mission, vision, and core values.

All of these actions had one goal in mind, to provide a stronger and more successful organization for the residents of Ward Parkway Homes.

In the past two years, because of the dedication of board members and residents, the Association has continued to function and provide a variety of events despite the prevalence of a deadly pandemic and a challenging financial atmosphere. We did not stop. Our goal was to provide community, and we did that. I am very proud of our efforts and I am very honored to have met many of our residents that participated in those events. Thank you!

There is one goal I must leave behind for all of us to work towards. Ward Parkway Homes Association has gifted board members and gifted residents. We live in a vibrant area and there are so many amazing people who live here. It is my hope that we continue to grow in membership, coming together to build a stronger, more inclusive community that deepens the connections of neighbors and makes our association a model for others to follow.

In gratitude,
Nancy Bader