Congrats to winners of Holiday Homes Decorating Contest

Congrats to winners of Holiday Homes Decorating Contest

Here are the homes and blocks that shone brightest during the 2018 WPHA Holiday Homes Decorating Contest.

Individual home winners:

  • 7411 Wyoming St.
  • 7201 Belleview Ave.
  • 7204 Summit St.

Each home wins a $50 gift card to Sutherlands. (Residents must have paid FY 2018 membership dues by Dec. 1 to be eligible.)

Best block winners

We had a tie between 71st Terrace and the 7400 block of Wyoming Street.

Each block wins $50 toward expenses for a block party. (Submit receipts for reimbursement. Expires 12/31/2019.)

Individual home honorable mentions

  • 7211 Terrace St.
  • 7324 Terrace St.
  • 7210 Jarboe St.
  • 7111 Summit St.
  • 7240 Madison Ave.
  • 7229 Belleview Ave.
  • 7207 Ward Pkwy.

Congrats to all and thanks to our judges (7240 Madison Ave., 7327 Belleview Ave., 1000 W. 72nd St.). You brightened up our season!

Piece of mind for $5 a month

Guest post by WPHA resident B. Michael McFarland

B. Michael McFarland photo

B. Michael McFarland

When we moved into the neighborhood, we joined the Ward Parkway Homes Association (WPHA) but did not subscribe to the security patrol service because we didn’t understand what it was for. We never seemed to see the patrol.

Then two things happened.

First: a neighbor got a dog and started walking that dog at night, after 10 p.m., and reported seeing patrol several times at night. We weren’t seeing patrol because we are not outside walking the neighborhood after 10 p.m., but my neighbor said he felt much safer seeing those patrols.

Second: We attended one of the monthly WPHA Board of Directors meetings. A sergeant from the Kansas City Police Department attended to deliver a report, and I learned that no resident that paid for the security patrol and requested a vacation house check this year has had their home broken into while they were away. Not only that, but a crime report the sergeant brought showed that the WPHA is actually one of the safest neighborhoods in the area. We learned how often the security patrol happens, and that it is deliberately scheduled at various times throughout the day and night based on what’s happening in the area.

It used to be that the WPHA security patrol officers often traveled in unmarked cars to be less conspicuous. Under the new sergeant’s watch, all the off-duty officers use marked KCPD vehicles and have a more visible presence.

Now we know why felt like we never seemed to see patrol officers in the neighborhood. They were unmarked. They patrolled at constantly changing times of day. And they were frequently present while we were inside instead of outside our house.

The WPHA’s security patrol service costs $60 a year. That breaks down to $5 per month. I spend more than that on one drink at Starbucks.

I encourage any of you who don’t participate in security patrol to do so. For the price of one Frappuccino a month, you can have greater peace of mind that your property will be safe when you leave town. And the security patrol’s property crime deterrence has a positive impact on the whole neighborhood.

Help plan next Easter Egg Hunt

We’re looking for a few residents to plan the WPHA Easter Egg Hunt next year. This spirited egg hunt on the Ward Parkway Presbyterian Church lawn is a favorite for young kids. The event date is Sunday, April 7, with a rain date of Sunday, April 14, 2019. Tasks include coordinating with the church, filling eggs with candy, hiding them and organizing refreshments.

Can you assist us? If so, please let us know.

How to customize your Nextdoor notification settings

Do you use the Nextdoor social media app for neighborhoods? If so, we’ve got some pro tips for you.

The default setting in Nextdoor is to show you updates from our neighborhood (Ward Parkway Homes Association, or “Ward Park”) plus 28 other surrounding neighborhoods based on a distance-based algorithm. That’s potentially a lot of neighborhoods you might not want to hear from every day.

Good news! You can pick and choose the surrounding neighborhoods you see updates from, as well as customize the type and frequency of email notifications you get. Here’s how.

About nearby neighborhoods

How to stop neighborhood notifications

How to change your email settings

screenshot of Nextdoor neighborhoods map and toggle settings