Brush Creek basin sewer rehab project to begin soon

More construction work is planned to rehabilitate aging sewers in our area. It’s part of federal requirements Kansas City must meet to improve water quality by reducing the frequency and volume of sewer overflows.

The Inflow and Infiltration Reduction: Brush Creak Area 2 project will restore sewer mains, service lateral connections and manholes. This will result in more reliable service, and less frequent sewer overflows and basement backups.

The southern end of the project area includes approximately part of the Ward Parkway Homes Association, from Gregory Boulevard to 74th Street and State Line Road to Pennsylvania Avenue. Affected residents were sent postcards and invited to a public meeting on March 8 to learn about the plans.

Construction is expected to start soon and will be completed by September 2019. Though the project will not reach our neighborhood for a while, it is important to know what will happen when it does arrive. Some WPHA residents have backyard sewer lines that could be impacted, and our understanding is that those residents will be contacted directly.

To get a better understanding of whether or how your property may be affected by the sewer work, we recommend that you talk with the project team before construction moves into our area. Contact Project Manager Rachelle Lowe at 816-822-4276.

Kansas City’s Smart Sewer Program