Ash trees continue to be removed

Thirty-five declining ash trees were slated for removal from the city right of way in our neighborhood from January to April 2018. You’ve probably noticed the tree stumps. The streets most heavily impacted include Belleview Avenue (Gregory Boulevard to 75th Street), Jarboe Street (7200 and 7400 blocks), Summit Street (7100 block) and 74th Street (Ward Parkway to Summit Street).

The trees are dying as a result of the invasive emerald ash borer beetle. While the City of Kansas City, Missouri, continues to treat street trees it deems in “good” condition, foresters expect to see large numbers of ash trees declining quickly this year and in the coming years.

Note that each ash tree removed will be replaced by the end of the next planting season, provided that there is a location that meets the city’s planting specifications. If you want to purchase your own tree and plant it in the right of way, you must obtain a free tree permit. Contact the 311 Call Center (dial 311, email or visit

Emerald ash borer plans for 2018 (pdf)

ash tree with tag on it

The City of Kansas City, Missouri, has affixed a metal tag with a number on each ash street tree in our neighborhood to keep track of the tree’s condition.