New committee to focus on membership growth and engagement

The Ward Parkway Homes Association is excited to announce the launch of a Membership Committee and its focus in the coming year. Richard Murray (Mercier Street) has joined the WPHA Board and will head the committee in 2019.  Secretary Mike Allmon (Belleview Avenue) and Alex Gill (Jefferson Street) will serve as formal members, and several others volunteers will support the work.

Membership in the homes association is a priority for the WPHA Board this year. The primary charge of the Membership Committee will be to increase engagement with our residents and increase participation in the WPHA. Look for more frequent social interactions from the Membership Committee. Leveraging connections with local businesses and other community partners will be another important aspect of helping increase visibility of, and participation in, the WPHA. The Membership Committee will also be seen knocking on doors from time to time to welcome new residents into our neighborhood.

The WPHA Board looks forward to the work the Membership Committee is undertaking for 2019. If you would like to volunteer your time and talents, please contact us.