A gorgeous neighborhood starts with you

Not surprisingly, a recent WPHA survey found that residents appreciate the beauty of our neighborhood and have a deep interest in keeping it looking good. Although the WPHA contributes to this effort by maintaining two public green spaces, much of the responsibility for beautification lies with individual homeowners, according to the Kansas City Code of Ordinances. Several excerpts from the code are summarized below:

Street gutters

Property owners and occupants have a duty to keep the sidewalk, curbing and guttering that adjoins their property in good order. This includes clearing away all earth or litter and removing obstructions that are dangerous, inconvenient or “annoying.” Residents are prohibited from sweeping litter from sidewalks into the gutters and streets.

Location of refuse containers

In between the city’s weekly waste collections, refuse containers must be stored in the rear yard or a side yard. (Residents on corner lots may not store their trash containers on either of the street sides.)

If appropriate storage imposes an undue hardship because of an occupant’s advanced age or physical limitations, storage of refuse containers may be permitted elsewhere on the property. However, the trash containers must be screened from the view of other residential properties by a solid wall or tight fence.

Bulky items at curbside

Residents who have scheduled supplemental waste collection pickups may not place their items at the curb earlier than 3 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection date. Items for disposal are permitted to remain at the curb no more than 24 hours.

Recreational vehicles

In Kansas City’s residentially zoned districts, there are two options for parking and storing recreational vehicles, boats, trailers and camper shells:

  • Enclosed within a garage or accessory structure.
  • On the paved driveway or a paved parking space so that the RV or boat is at least 11 feet from the near edge of the curb and, when a sidewalk is present, at least 2 feet from the rear edge of the sidewalk surface.


  • Schedule a bulky item pickup. Fee-based (816-380-5595) and no charge (816-513-1313). options are available. Learn more
  • Dispose of yard waste. The city schedules free curbside pickup of yard waste in the spring and fall. Residents may also drop off yard waste for free at one of three spots across the city. Learn more
  • Report a code violation. Dial 311 or 816-513-1313, or submit a form online.

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